Monthly Meetings 2nd Friday of every Month



 Uniting Christian Leaders to seek the welfare of the city through focused prayer and action 



  The San Antonio Christian Leaders Forum is a coalition of diverse Christian leaders meeting monthly and working together to:  

  • Affirm one another in their work toward godly change in the spheres of society which impact life in the City
  • Acquaint one another to develop new relationships which foster collaborations and partnerships for city transformation.
  • Assist one another, where there is a natural joining, in accomplishing the work of city transformation.
  • Align with one another to intentionally strategize together, identifying specific and measureable goals, for transformation in each societal sphere that impacts life in the city.


Guiding Principles

  • Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
  • We want all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. (I Tim 2:4)
  • The church is called to oneness. (Jn. 17:21)
  • Our walking in humility, honor and godly love toward one another will foster our oneness. (Eph. 5:21; Rom 13:7; Jn. 14:12)
  • Oneness is not conformity.  Rather, we recognize and celebrate our cultural and denominational diversity.

 Monthly Meeting
2nd Friday of Each Month 12:30pm
Hallmark University

Room #204;10401 IH 10W
San Antonio, TX 78230