Prophetic Words spoken to the city

Eileen Vincent

A Renew Vision of Jesus


A New Year!  It is a wonderful gift and we must use every moment of this gift to bring glory to the Lord and so hasten the day of His return; Whom heaven must hold till the restoration of all things. 

We are not like those in the world who walk in darkness; we who have His life have the opportunity to be escorted by His Spirit through each day in step with His perfect timetable. His plans are laid and shared through prophesies in the Word and today, with ‘now words’, as He shares His secrets with His prophets. We are those who should be able to read the signs of the times, surely we do have a measure of insight as the Lord always shares his secrets with His prophets. 

The economy of heaven places responsibility upon God’s people to cooperate with Him to bring His will upon the earth. Therefore the most important requirement this year is a church that has ears that hear and a heart that obeys every word that comes out of the mouth of God. 

That is easy to write but it is going to take a revolution in the church to bring us to this level of spiritual awareness, sense of calling and responsibility. The issue as always is obedience. The Lord does not waste words of direction upon a people who have not obeyed his direction in the past. Do the first works. Obey the first instruction and then we can walk with him into a daily purposeful involvement in His plans for the world, nations, cities, and individual lives. What a calling! It is huge and God wants us involved with him every step of the way. You were born for this; you are alive today for this purpose. This is where the fullness of satisfaction lies, right here where you choose His will over yours and purposely work with Him, pushing forward His will and Kingdom in your sphere of life. 

Would you agree with me to pray that this year would see the revolution that would equip the church for the days ahead?  The times demand a vital church that can stand against the rising opposition to the Lord Christ. A lukewarm church or one that fails to see its holy calling and the grand superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ, will not stand and is in danger of being deceived in these last days. 

On Saturday December 15th last year at 4:40 AM, in my half-awake state I saw a vision in my mind and immediately woke up with the vision still perfectly clear.  Before me was a very large picture in an ornate frame. The border to the frame was very impressive with a decorated gold pattern, about 6-7 inches wide.  Strangely, I could only see the bottom half of the picture; a person wearing a long dark red garment down to the feet but the feet were not visible. The picture was cut off below the waist (as when a computer screen is too small to accommodate the picture.) 

Immediately I knew the person was Jesus. As I looked, I was in anguish and said, ‘but your Head has been cut off!’ I asked, “Have I removed your head?” But the vision was not personal; the Lord showed me that the picture was the view the church has of the Lord Jesus Christ! They know His red robe, that represents his redemption and forgiveness of sins, but do not know His headship. They have cut off His head. 

The Lord impressed upon my heart that the picture referred to Western Christianity, particularly the church in the US and UK. My attention was riveted upon the crimson garment – that was the picture. The Lord was interpreting the picture and directed my thoughts to His blood; Christians washed in His blood though they do not know, understand or obey His headship. They see the Blood but so little else. They do not know his lordship, glory, authority, or His sovereignty. I felt so sad and thought about a scripture in Revelations 19: 11-16 especially v13 that speaks of His red garments. 

“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself.   He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.  And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.  Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.   And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” 

While looking intently at the picture of the lower part of the body I knew the whole picture was there though not seen. Again I felt grieved. I was trying to imagine the hidden part then I knew and saw in my spirit, the elaborate golden frame pulsating with glory around the Head. 

The church does not know who He is, or who they are.  The churches view of Christ is a picture, not the glorious risen, active, alive Lord Jesus Christ; the church has captured a cameo of Christ. 

But, the days are here when He is going forth as a mighty warrior taking his redemption to the nations and He will increasingly be known as the Word of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords not only in the church but to His enemies also. 

Here we are at the beginning of 2013. So many are prophesying calamities of all kind for this year, but if we the people of God, the ones who have the power to change the course of nations through our obedient prayer, would open our eyes and see Jesus the glorious Head of His church and ourselves as the overcomers we are in His name, instead of calamities we can have victories. 

Let us hold fast to the Head. Let us walk each step this year in union with our Lord and may a revolution happen in the church that sets us on fire with passion for Jesus.


Cindy Jacobs


Hollywood is coming to San Antonio!

 “God says to me that your (San Antonio’s) gift is missions in the nations. Hollywood is coming to San Antonio. Movie studios will be built here; God is going to raise up your finest young men and women from your churches to start making film, television programs, communication; that God is going to use San Antonio to take the airwaves. You’re either gonna have the good or the bad; it just depends on how you pray. But God wants it to be a righteous root, the Lord showed me that God wants to use San Antonio. I see that there are going to be studios built here; they’re going to come and buy large pieces of land and God want our children to take the airwaves back The showed me this and that God want to use you to be the head and not the tail; god is going to use you in a very unique way to establish His Word.” 

“Persevering for Reformation”

A Season of WAR

“For the Lord would say, I am coming to a new season in this city says God. For I am releasing the sound of WAR which is Wisdom And Revelation. I am releasing WAR, Wisdom and Revelation, in a measure that you have not yet seen poured out. For is not my spirit hovering over this city? 

And literally I want to say to you I had a vision and it looked like a great cloud being unfolded of many colors of the glory of God and it just began to sweep. And the Lord said, even as the Holy Spirit hovered over creation, I am hovering over San Antonio, TX to begin to create a new thing says God. I am doing a new thing. It is something that you have not yet seen says God. And watch and see, I am coming to surprise and delight you. I am coming as the judge. I will teach you to hate evil and love good, and establish justice in the gates. I am coming to draw a line in the sand this weekend. There is going

to be a demarcation made, says God, between good and evil, and it will begin here, says the Lord.”

San Antonio – God’s Strong Arm to Change the Nation

When we were flying into the city this afternoon, I began to think about the word San Antonio. And I am not just given to doing this all the time but I began to think in the terms of acronyms. San Antonio. And the Holy Spirit said to me this city is my Strong Arm.. And He said to me this is a city, Strong Arm – SA; Spirit Activity – SA; Spiritual Authority – SA.

And the Lord says that He is going to cause this city to pack a wallop in the Spirit. That this city is going to be a city known of people of great authority, that have the anointing for the tipping point to change the Nation; to change the nation.

Righteousness and Justice will Marry in San Antonio

And the Lord says there is a Latino connection that I am bringing out of San Antonio for there is going to be immigration reform. Am I am getting ready to shake the heavens.

And you will see that I am getting ready to marry righteousness and justice in a way greater than you can imagine says God. I am going to bring justice where there has been injustice I am going to bring righteousness where there has been wrongness.

And God says, I am going to marry these two things. This will be a message of the city. For is this not the message of the cross – righteousness and justice? And I am getting ready to marry these two concepts. It is going to happen in City Council first says the Lord. I am shifting and changing says God. I am changing and changing. And those who will not change and will not heed My Voice will have a change of address for they are not going to stay in those offices that they think they can occupy for the Lord says they occupy them illegally. Amen!

A Strong Exhortation to Get the Job Done!

San Antonio - A Racism Free Zone

“Don’t let this word fall to the ground. I am here by God’s design. And I want to tell you San Antonio, if you don’t do it God will give it to another city. But He wanted you to do it. I watched the city of Dallas lose its authority to lead in the 80’s and didn’t get it back until just recently. I’ve watched it. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! God wants to cause a great awakening to come to this city. He wants to do it. Can you imagine a city where they say you go live in that San Antonio area – you won’t find racism in that city. You won’t find it in anyone, red, yellow brown, black or white. I have never decreed a city or an area a racist free zone but I decree over San Antonio, TX it will be a racist free zone!

Free of prejudice! Make it happen! Make it happen!”

Chuck Pierce


San Antonio, The Capital of Change


"And I would say to you, I've brought you to this place tonight so I could gather you and decree the redefining of this land has begun.  I say to you tonight, this is a beginning.  Here in this city, I am beginning to hover in a new way.  I will begin to realign the Americas from this city.  I say, I will begin to realign and I will begin to bring in a new order into the Americas and into the hemisphere that you are a part of from city.  I say there will be a determining factor that arises in this city that creates the impetus of the way this nation goes.  I say to you immigration will no longer be known and heard the way that you have known it in the past.  For tonight I say the wall and the gates are changing, and I say My glory will begin to advance.  In the next five years I will realign the glory realm of this land.  And I say to you, I have brought you to this city for this will be the city of the gate that I open for the realignment. 

I say, you will find yourself saying we have now become the capital of the change and the economic alignment the cultural realignment of this land.  I say out of this city will come a new model.  For within this city, My glory will come in and rearrange the church.  I say to you I will begin to take some down this year, raise others up, and visit this city.  For I am here to announce tonight that I will transform and transfigure the way the cultures of this land have aligned in days past.  I will say to you, this is an announcement that has come to you tonight that no longer will remain the same what you have become and come into and become comfortable with.  For I say to you tonight I have opened up a realm to even say the economies of the regions will realign and this city will be known as the one who shook the economies.  For a glory realm is coming in upon you and I have chosen this region in as one of openings to begin a glory move south, sayeth the Lord.  I say in the next three months I will begin to rearrange the way I move from this city south throughout the lands.  And Mexico will begin to realign and you will see glory awakenings coming and being birthed in Mexico.  I then say within eight months after that, there will be a change of wind.  For in this change of wind, I say glory that is rising in Mexico will come back and rest in this land sayeth the Lord. 

I say to you tonight I had to gather you here to decree that the need for My coming is now upon this land.  For I say, do not focus on the political candidates for I will raise up and recreate the messages of their mouths.  And you will begin to hear that the San Antonio region will set the course for a major model of the economic system and the banking of all of North America.  I say tonight the hunger for My glory has been restored into this place.  And I will interrupt and interrupt and interrupt again until a gate of My glory falls into this region sayeth the Lord.  This is your new beginning.  And the loins will shake and the peoples will realign.  And it will be heard that this city is now the awakening center for the alignment of the nations and the glory of the nations in days ahead." 

CR 20th Anniversary Prophesy

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