Prayer for the 7 spheres


Since God instituted the family and established His divine order for marriage and family life, healthy family is meant by God to be one of the pillars of a strong and healthy society. Pray for God to establish strong families in San Antonio, according to the Biblical model.

  • Pray that these families be comprised of a man, a woman (a married husband and wife) and children.
  • Pray for strong marriages where husbands love their wives just as Christ loved His Church (Eph 5:21, Eph 5:25, 28) and where wives respect their husbands (Eph 5:33)
  •  Pray that fathers and mothers individually have a strong relationship with God and His Word and together reestablish a family altar where they regularly have family times with their children in the Word, in worship and in prayer.
  • Pray that children obey, love and honor their parents (Eph 6:1)
  • Pray that fathers would not provoke or stir up their children to wrath or anger but that they would lovingly raise them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Eph 6:2)
  • Pray that the Lord would set the lonely (the unmarried and single parents) in families. (Ps 68:6)
  •  Pray for a significant reduction in divorce in Christian marriages in the city.  The greatest number of divorces in Bexar County occur between January and March each year. 


 The knowledge of God and His ways is the basis of all learning and God instituted the family as the first and primary place of education (Deut 6:6-9)

  •  Pray that children will begin to learn to read in their homes at an early age with the help and instruction of their parents.
  • Pray that the home would again be the primary place of a positive education for children.
  •  Pray for God's intervention in the hearts of children to love learning and to value education.
  •  Pray for a decrease in the city's high school drop-out rates starting with the students in middle and high school desiring to graduate high school and determining to do the work to do so.
  •  Pray for teachers and educators in the city to have a deep love of teaching and of children and for excellence in teaching their subject(s)
  • Pray that more student-led Christian Bible clubs will be started in the middle and high schools so as to combat secular humanism which is taught in the schools.
  • Pray for the right of school choice for every San Antonio student.
  •  Pray that public school curriculum would begin to be written to reflect Biblical Truth and not secular humanism.

Prayer for the 7 spheres

Arts & Entertainment

 The Arts and Entertainment industry can appeal to a most impressionable part of our emotions and souls. If its source is not Biblical but devilish, it warps the soul, thinking, attitudes and behavior and in today's world can even influence and change the culture.  But when this industry is motivated by the Spirit of God, it can positively feed oru spirit and will guide our attitudes and behavior into Godly ways.

  • Pray that Christians use wisdom and discernment in determining what they expose themselves to in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Pray that the arts established in San Antonio produce that which glorifies God and is positive.
  • Pray fulfillment of the prophetic word spoken over the city in 2007 by Cindy Jacobs:

"God says to me that your (San Antonio's) gift is missions in the nations.  Hollywood is coming to San Antonio.  Movie studios will be built here; God is going to raise up your finest young men and women from your churches to start making film, television programs, communication; that God is going to use San Antonio to take the airwaves.  You're either gonna have the good or the bad; it just depends on how you pray.  But God wants it to be a righteous root, the Lord showed me that God wants to use San Antonio.  I see that there are going to be studios built here; they're going to come and buy large pieces of land and God wants our children to take the airwaves back.  The Lord showed me this and that God wants to use you to be the head and not the tail; God is going to use your in a very unique way to establish His Word."

-Cindy Jacobs

  • Pray that God would raise up young Christian artists from San Antonio who will produce film and television programs which are positive and glorify God.


Pray that the Lord would raise up and establish "Apostles of Industry" for the Business sector of our city.  Men and women of God with a Biblical wordview who:

  •  Are business owners who love God and His Word.
  •  Are business owners with apostolic gifting and calling.
  •  Are motivated to intentionally seek first the Kingdom of God and all of God's righteousness instead of being motivated by greed or the love of money and power (Matt 6:33, I Jn2:15-17)
  •  Love the city and want to see it prosper and fulfill its God-given destiny.  (Is 62:1, cf. Jer 29:7)
  •  Will build and establish successful kingdom businesses, or a network of businesses, which make a positive contribution to the welfare of the city and its people;
  •  Will build and establish successful kingdom businesses which reflect the righteousness of God;
  •  Will intentionally mentor and disciple young Christian business leaders in the developmenht of Kingdom businesses;
  •  Pray that pastors and ministers see Christian businessmen and women as called of God as ministers in the marketplace and endorse them as such.
  •  Will have generous hearts which give and establish methods that serve to help meet the needs of the people of San Antonio and especially of those of the household of faith. (James 1:27, Gal 6:10)
  • Pray the fulfillment of the prophetic words over the city:

Prayer for the 7 spheres



Since the role of government is limited in the scriptures to preserving order and providing justice and God directs that we pray for all those in authority, let us pray for the elected and appointed officials and civic leaders in the city.

  • Pray for God's righteousness and justice to inform all decision making and policy development in Mayor's office.
  • Pray for God's guidance and wisdom upon Mayor Ron Nirenburg. 
  •  Pray for God's righteousness over all of the discussions, decisions and work of the San Antonio City Council.
  • Pray for each City Councel member by name to make decisions that are for the good of all the citizens and not based on selfishness for their own district or for personal power but that they will have true hearts for public service.
  • Pray there will be no partisanship but real honesty, integrity and objectivity in how the city councilors function or in their decision making.
  • Pray for God's intervention that the City Council proceedings will truly and honestly be open for public input which will be actually honored and received.
  •  Pray that God raise up called, skilled and capable Christian men and women to volunteer for city committee and commission positions.
  • Pray that God's righteousness will influence the operations of the offices and the decision-making of the San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley and City Attorney Robert F. Greenblum.



The news media is the primary source for the distribution of city information, as a result, it impacts the thoughts, and by extension, the behavior of San Antonio residents.

  • Pray for objective and unbiased reporting of all news stories.
  • Pray that the news media will not be presented in a way to incite fear or hopelessness.
  • Pray for God's righteousness in the editorial board of the San Antonio Express News
  • Pray that God will move on the hearts of those in the news and print media to report on what God and the Church is doing in the city.
  • Pray God will strengthen and use the Christian Media in the city specifically Christian radio (KSLR, KLOVE, KRDY) to strenthen, teach andbless the Body of Christ and propel Believers to engage in acts of service. 
  • ​Pray God will bless and use the San Antonio Beacon newspater to publish excellent articles which inform the Body of Christ and encourage them in their life of faith, service and obedience to God. 

The Church


As San Antonio continues to grow with people coming from around the nation and from many nations in the world, many other religions are being practiced in the city as well.  As the salt and the light and God's servants on the earth, the Church must actively engage the culture of the city with the culture of the Kingdom to bring God's life, revival and transformation.

  •  Pray for a bold and wise spirit of evangelism upon the church in the city.
  •  Pray the church will grow in wisdom on how to witness to and evangelize people from different cultures and religions who are now in the city.
  •  Pray there will be no syncretism or mixing of different religious beliefs or practices with Christianity so that there is a clear witness for the Truth in the city.
  •  Pray that the Body of Christ will NOT be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ but will know and wholeheartedly believe that it is the only power of God unto salvation for all who will believe.
  • Pray for city pastors to carry out annual voter registration drives in their churches so as to engage the culture as it pertains to the functioning of city government.
  • Pray for Christians to exercise their right and responsibility to vote in every election and to do so with prayer for God's direction and with conscientious study and review of the candidates.
  • Pray that every Christian will see themselves as called to minister and manifest the life and power of God wherever they live and work.